About these Macros

As a result of the Content Creation Tutorials that I have released it became obvious that while it is certainly possible to learn how to create models by following them there was still a large amount of effort needed to create anything, especially a loco. With a little experimentation I discovered that the GMax scripting language MAXScript is capable of automating the creation of just about anything.

Incidentally the GMax MAXScript language is a slightly cut-down version of that for 3DSMax so the macro should work in 3DSMax 4 onwards although I can't confirm this. I have heard that it works in 3DSMax V5 though.


Macro scripts are not installed in the usual way - they have to be added to a toolbar. To do this run the Macro's installer *.exe file (and perform a virus scan on the *.exe first, especially if you got the installer from somewhere other than this site) and install into the directory where 'GMax.exe' is to be found. Choose 'Customize -> Customize User Interface' on the top menu bar. In the 'Category' drop down list choose '44090 Tools' and you'll see the macros you've installed in the 'Actions' window.

Create a new toolbar by choosing 'New...' and giving the bar a name. You can then drag the macros from the 'Action' window to the new toolbar. Finally choose 'Customize -> Configure Paths' and make sure that the 'Scenes' directory is listed and that it points to the right place. (more...)