700 Class 30315 BR black

Updated 20.02.2011

Now available is the SR 700 Class pack in BR black livery which includes three separate models with different amounts of 'airbrushed' weathering.

The models include the usual features such as ACS couplings, a custom cab and engine spec and three levels of LOD to reduce the load on 700 Class custom cabthe graphics engine.

This pack is for TC3/TS2009/TS2010, note that TC3 will not display the specular mapping and the texture files are on the big side. The locos will perform and look much better in TS2009/TS2010.

The Freeware page has been expanded to list all of the TC3 and up engine specs that I have written using the excellent spreadsheet by Bill Fock. These will tame down the excessive safety valve activity exhibited by some of the builtin specs and make for a loco that is easy to drive in cab mode. If your favourites are not there, drop me an email and I'll do one.